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CLASSES:  All classes are held (on-site only) at 606 Denbigh Blvd. Building #200 Newport News, Va. 23608

Understand How the Bible is Relevant in Business

Doing Business The Right Way

The bible has over 50 scriptures and many parables referring to business and profit.  You'll learn what God says about how to succeed in business.  You'll evaluate case studies of successful business men and women and learn how to apply God's principles in your day-to-day business practices. You'll learn your responsibility in the marketplace and how to make your business rewarding and profitable.  Learn strategic business planning, business markets, economics and current events. You'll enjoy opportunities to work on individual and group related assignments, role playing and team building exercises and much more. This will be an exciting, informative and action filled class that leaves you asking where did the time go! 

Confirming You're on the Right Track

Understanding Your Purpose In Business

In this thought provoking course, we will take a deep dive into your God-given purpose and calling. You'll participate in group exercises, conduct case studies and give a business presentation. You will also share what you're passionate about and with whom you most identify with in the bible or the business world.

Break the unhealthy mindset about money

For the Love of Money

You'll gain an understanding that exceptional service brings financial gain. Get an overview of money and the role it has played in business throughout history.  We'll uncover the pitfalls and the snares that hide behind the love of money.  You'll participate in group exercises and case studies on just and unjust business practices and how it impacts business, customers, and society.  After this class, you'll be better equipped to handle money challenges so you can win!                                                                                                        

Devoted to Exemplary Service

Business Ethics

In this class you'll study  proper business policies and practices regarding controversial issues, such as corporate governance (rules, practices &  processes), bribery, discrimination, corporate social responsibility (environmental & social well being) and fiduciary responsibilities (highest standard of care).

Understanding the Financial Health of Your Business

Business Accounting

This is not a formal accounting class but  more of an overview of best accounting practices and financial management.  This class will help you make wise and timely decisions with money. We'll discuss the importance of analyzing your business finances so you can understand the financial health of your business.  We will discuss the need for engaging industry experts in the areas in which you are not proficient.

Understanding Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership

This class will give you a look into the lives of biblical  and modern day business leaders and how they've shaped  the culture of our society.  We will define the components of a great leadership structure.  We will review each class participant's business leadership structure as a class.  In addition, this class will discuss "who is the real CEO in your business".

Understanding Branding & Image

Marketing for Success

Be ready to take a dive into your marketing plan. What is God's purpose for your business?  How are you impacting the world? What products or services do you sell?  What problem are you solving? How will you promote them?  How will you price them?  We will also take a deep dive into your branding and your image.  Are you dressed for success? You'll leave this class knowing how to pitch your business on a 30 second elevator ride!

Understand Business Structures


This is not a formal legal course but an overview of best legal practices for small businesses. After doing your research, writing a business plan, and deciding on a business structure, you’ll want to consider the other legal requirements involved so your business operates with all of the required credentials and licenses . 


Recipe for Success

Customer Service

Without customers, you don't have a business.  In this class you'll learn the importance of providing excellent customer service and you'll gain an understanding of the "golden rule".  You'll learn how to evaluate your customer service as it stands today and also how you can raise your level of customer service so that your customers come back again and again. You'll participate in role playing with your classmates!