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At the Solomon Entrepreneurial Center we understand that the world needs business men and women who have integrity and a heart for God's people and the Kingdom of God. We understand that we are to be the light of the world and go into all the world to spread the good news.   This great commission should be accomplished in the business arena as well.



Business Leaders operating in alignment with Ministry Leaders to advance the Kingdom of God in the earth in order to fulfill God's dominion mandate, creating societal and cultural shifts worldwide.


Teaching business owners what God says about business and how to apply biblical principals in their daily business operations. Training them to achieve the highest level of customer service, provide the highest quality in products and services, and to achieve the highest level of wealth!


About our Instructors


Because of their passion for your success, our experienced teachers at the Solomon Entrepreneurial Center will go out of their way to engage and inspire you to succeed in business. 

We offer a diverse staff of multi-talented professionals representing multiple industries.

  • Rodney J. Spratley 

  • Jenifer L. Spratley

  • Charles Ammon

  • A host of seasoned business and academic professionals